ProAce International originally opened its door in 1997 by providing business consulting, life-skills coaching to customers all around USA and Canada. Afterwards, we specialized in helping entrepreneurs start or buy their business using a multitude of leverage techniques and takeovers to reach their American Dream. With many years under our belt, we decided to spread our line of services by offering Moving and relocation services, Importing and Exporting consulting, Fitness training, and Search Engine optimization (SEO).

With a growing success throughout the years, we acquired many other companies that decided to join our conglomerate so we can help everyone of our division to grow and prosper.

From our growing Network of Movers  to our fitness network of professional trainers, we provide quality services at affordable prices. We are your ONE STOP SHOP for all your business needs.

We are presently catering to American governmental agencies, such as the National Institute of Health in Bethesda, Md, Department of Veterans Affair(VA), the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), District of Columbia's government, and many more for their office and operational needs. We actively participate on the Federal Business Opportunities ( portal in the local and nationwide level. There is no end of what we offer, even in these difficult times.

We are still able to grow steadily by offering needed services to people who are searching for better products or opportunities.
We are located 25 minutes away from the heart of Washington DC. Being so close to the Nation's Capitol enabled us to foster relationships with government agencies, hence our government procurement division. Government procurement is very challenging field and lots of competition, but difficult challenges are our specialty. Nothing is too easy or too hard for ProAce International.
We need experts in the field of Marketing consulting, business management, Information Technology, moving and relocation, SEO,etc.. If you are searching for these opportunities, ProAce International is the right place for you.

Do not hesitate to contact us on the form below if you are seeking our services or job prospect.

Dr. Dan Amzallag, Ph.D, M.B.A resides in the United States of America. Before coming to the US, he lived in Canada, where he completed his Bachelor's degree in Business, with a concentration in Finance. During his business studies,he worked as a health consultant and personal trainer for an international organization offering health services to their customers. He obtained his Executive Master Degree in Business Administration from the University of Texas.
He has 21 years of experience in the fields of business and health and obtained his Doctorate degree in Organizational leadership and Communication in 2014.

Below are some of books he have published:

The American Dream book: How to start or buy a business with none of your cash
Mission Possible: How to Eradicate obesity in America
100 days or less to reaching your ultimate happiness. Secrets of the Universe revealed
Gloateus Maximus: Inside lives of personal trainers

Dan has completed his 4th book: 100 days or less to reaching YOUR ultimate happiness: Secrets of the Universe revealed" This book helps individuals alike reach their happiness based on existing concepts and strategies they can use on a day-to-day basis. Recently completed, this book is in print and available on the link above.

A fifth book is on its way entitled: My First 40 years: From nothing to Everything, Dan Amzallag personal journey to self-discovery and ultimate happiness.
He also appeared on Bloomberg business radio and several other business and health radio shows across United States and Canada.

He manages several projects at ProAce International including government procurement, relocation and fitness, as well as different departments, such as the new Featured projects section that will appear in the months to come. Being busy keeps Mr. Amzallag abreast of new changes in many industries. Always challenged with new projects, he provides guidance to all new candidates who joins the team of ProAce International in the field of government procurement.

Looking for coaching services? You can reach me here at your earliest convenience. Life Coach Dan Amzallag

Below are some testimonials of protégés under Mr. Amzallag supervision.

View Dan Amzallag's profile on LinkedIn verified by Psychology Today
Dan Amzallag has been a mentor for me as I make my journey through the world of government contracting. I have learn several aspects that Dan has help to make interesting and exciting, as well as, offering me the opportunity to try a whole new line of work".
Tanyette C. (Houston, TX)

"As a market researcher navigating the government contracting work, Dan Amzallag has been an invaluable resource, boss, and friend. I have gained a wealth of knowledge from Dan’s guidance and with his leadership I am excited about my future in the government contracting industry."
Sarah G.( Phoenix, AZ)

"When I first began working with Dan I was so very green to the world of federal contracting. In short order Dan equipped me with the vital tools necessary for evaluating viable solicitations through a clear understanding of FARs and DFARs particularly. With great speed I was able to effectively discern the language of solicitations and federal contractual language thanks to Dan's willingness to take the time to train me and answer my many questions along the way. Not once did he ever indicate he was irritated or didn't have time as I was acquiring an adequate understanding of federal contracting. He is imminently qualified through a skill set well suited for working in the federal contracting environment.Anyone would do themselves a favor by allowing Dan to communicate to them his vast knowledge of federal contracting!"
Chris C.(Azusa, CA)

"I started working in this industry just a short while ago and was not familiar with any of the aspects of procurement for our US government. Dan has taken me under his wings and guided me towards being an independent marketing analyst. His guidance and knowledge have been invaluable in streamlining the ramp up period. He has always made himself available to answer questions and finding strategies on the most effective methods to accomplish this position. Without his support and coaching I’d probably still be learning and researching vs. submitting bids."
Renato R. ( Las Vegas, NV)

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