Tools for self-publishing: Everything is disclosed

If you are looking to publish your book using outside resources, please be advised to do a thorough research prior to choosing the literary agent, the printer and what type of printer (Offset printing, vanity press, Print On Demand).

We are here to provide you with resources to help you reach your dream to call yourself an "Author"
We want to help all of your aspiring authors on how to go around the loopholes and not be victim of scams and agencies promising you the world such as making your book a bestseller in a short time.

We will help all of you, even those who are just considering writing, either poems, fiction, non-fiction, childrens, self-help etc..

This is your journey, ladies and gentlemen, getting yourself publish yet still keeping control of your destiny. You slaved for several months or years to write a book, to edit it, to get the copyright sold to someone else? I don't think so.
Take action and always find the best economical way of reaching your ultimate goals. Self-publishing doesn’t mean that no Publishing companies accepted your book, it means that you didn’t take the easy way out by letting a publisher do some work (remember, the publisher ONLY prints the book, you still need to market yourself and get out there and sell books) but wanted to have control over every aspect of the publishing/marketing part of your book. Since you are going to work day and night to market your bestseller, might as well keep all the profits for yourself right? This is where we can help. We will give you access to all printers that can do POD(print on demand) so there is no stocking fees, inventory to control and store, and no headache to deal with. We will then help you get the Library of Congress number, your ISBN number, get the barcodes to effectively sell it in airports, stores, gift shops etc… Yes, there is work to do, but when did we say that being an author is easy?
Finally, being directed properly, you will finally reach your goal, be a published author and then start working on getting your name out there. Yes, this is the fun part. Radio stations, local cable companies are always in the prow of looking for local authors, inventors etc.. Give them the chance to get your name and make it available everywhere. Make some appearances whenever is required. Whatever way we can help, you can be sure we will stand by your side all the way through. Use the form below to contact us. Make sure to put Self publishing on the message box so we know what your request is all about. Good luck and hopefully help you be the next New York Bestseller.

Yours truly
Dan Amzallag
Author and self-publisher


Below are all services we offer and website we promote. Feel free to browse through it and let  us know what you need. We will be very happy to help


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